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We are proud to offer humane squirrel control and removal services as a way of assisting you with wildlife issues. If you need a cost-effective East York Pest Control solution, our professionals can help. They deal with a broad range of squirrel and other wildlife issues. Talk to one of our professional technicians today so we can determine how best to help you. If the problem you are experiencing requires a professional solution, we will come out, inspect, and offer recommendations for viable solutions.

Guaranteed Squirrel removal

We can remove them and seal all holes. Once they get in and make themselves comfortable they can begin begin causing more damage to insulation and cables. If squirrels are left on their own the can cause thousands of damage. Even if the squirrels leave, other animals can take their place. Mice, rats and even raccoons can find the openings squirrels made and take over. If you don’t have the problem dealt with professionally you might have to deal with several larger pest and roofing problems down the line.

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