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For over 12 years, East York Pest Control has been helping people with wasp problems regain their peace of mind by offering an extermination service with 100% guaranteed results. If your home or commercial building is attacked by these sometimes-aggressive insects, we can make sure they no longer disturb you.

Problems linked to wasp infestation

When a wasp swarm is located in a wall or attic of a building and grows, the workers can grind different materials to gain more space. They will sometimes go as far as drilling through gypsum panels and find themselves in living areas. Clearly, this can be a very dangerous situation, especially if some occupants are allergic.
If a nest is visible, the risk of material damage will be reduced, but the safety of people in the vicinity will be increasingly threatened as it grows. Not to mention that the sight of a wasp nest is enough to cause anxiety in most people.
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