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Hornets are considered pests because they will sting humans when they feel they or their nest are threatened. Hornets are wasps that belong to the genus, Vespa. Hornet stings can be life-threatening for the small portion of the population that is allergic to insect stings.   

If you believe a colony of hornets may be building a nest on your property, we highly recommend contacting a pest control professional for assistance. Most serious hornet stinging incidents occur when untrained people attempt to remove nests by do-it-yourself methods. 

Hornet treatment process

When you contact East York Pest Control for hornet control services you can rest assured that the nests and live hornets on your property will be removed by a trained, licensed Technician. We strongly discourage anyone from approaching a hornet nest that is not a pest control professional. 

A Technician will first inspect your property and identify any hornet nests. Once an active nest on the property has been confirmed, the Technician will safely identify the type of stinging pest. Hornets require different control methods from other types of wasps and stinging insects so its important to correctly identify the pest in question before prescribing a treatment method. 

The Technician will then discuss with the customer the options for removal and agree on the service. After the customer consultation, the Technician will safely remove the nest and live hornets wearing safety equipment. The customer will be advised to stay away from the area where the nest is located and keep children and pets inside. 

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