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Spiders enter your home looking for a dark, damp place to spin their webs in peace and usually infest basements and garages, gaining entry through cracks and crevices. Their webs are certainly considered unsightly, and most spiders are considered pests. Spiders are not known to transmit diseases to humans, but nevertheless, they can be harmful.

On rare occasions, when trapped inside a shoe or piece of clothing, the wolf spider, fishing spider, cellar spider, and house spider can all bite, although not fatally.

Worse, the widow spider can be dangerous to humans. Its bites affect the nervous system and can cause muscle cramps, sweating, headache, high blood pressure, and severe infection.

Of course, the presence of spiders can be alarming for many people, particularly those affected by arachnophobia, who may feel uneasy, suffer a panic attack, or even faint. Home remedies like removing webs and sealing cracks may discourage spiders, but if you are continually finding multiple spiders in your home, you may have an infestation. That infestation may not end anytime soon. Most spiders live for about a year, but some can live as long 15 years. For truly effective spider control, you need professional pest control services.

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