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When you need to get rid of silverfish in your home, East York Pest Control is what you need. Don’t let the name fool you; silverfish aren’t fish-like but take their name from the pest’s silvery scales that are metallic in appearance. Wingless, nocturnal, fast and destructive feeders, silverfish often cause damage to your home without you noticing.

Ultimately, silverfish invade homes in search of moisture. Constantly searching for moist areas and inhabiting anywhere that is damp, they’re often discovered in attics, basements, garages and sheds. Silverfish control is also required when you spot silverfish in home libraries too. Why? Because they love paper and eat the edges of book pages, bookbindings, and wallpaper glue.

Wondering how to exterminate silverfish in the house? East York Pest Control is your best bet to get rid of silverfish. Our fully trained silverfish exterminators are backed by over 90 years of pest control experience. Using industry-leading silverfish treatment for effective silverfish removal, a visit from our team means you can rest comfortably in your space again.

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